The Trend and Future of Natural Beauty

Organic skin care labels

You’ve definitely heard of it and are probably using a product which claims to contain non-natural ingredients right now. This market has expanded so much over the last few years, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees when you’re looking for your next natural skin care product. Like any trend – there will be peaks and troughs, so here’s what to look out for in the future.

A lot of natural, organic products are developed by smaller companies. The reason? Big companies make more products and non-natural products are a lot easier to make en masse. So smaller companies tend to be the ones who are producing the best quality natural products. However, these companies don’t make nearly as much money as the big name brands, and often can’t afford to stock mainstream shops. You’ll likely find more natural ingredients in smaller, non-chain shops which is good for them, not so good for us. These shops are more uncommon and people are more likely to buy something nearer and more convenient for them.


However, because there is now a fair bit of money to be made in natural beauty, more people are jumping on the bandwagon. You may think of this as good at first, until you realise that these companies are passing off their products as natural but they actually have more synthetic ingredients in than they did before! Natural beauty experts recommend that you get to know what are good ingredients and what are bad ingredients. That way you can check the label on anything before you buy it, and you know what to look out for.

While the natural beauty trend has inspired a lot of businesses, this exposure is proving great for the companies that actually promote natural beauty, examples of the trendy ones like May Lindstrom, Karen Murrell or Indie Lee you might have heard of. When it was first introduced, natural beauty was not ‘on trend’ and so no one was buying it. Nowadays everyone wants to experience organic ingredients, and this is helping the little guy. But remember to make sure that what you’re buying is the real deal.


The natural beauty industry looks set to grow even further as people become more and more aware of what they’re putting in and on their bodies. With the rise in popularity of social media, it is easier than ever to find information out from your favourite brands, and to discover new ones. It also makes people more aware of life around them and how natural beauty isn’t only beneficial to us, but to the environment we live in. Synthetic ingredients often harm the planet while they’re being made. Because manufacturers have to use power to process them and they can damage the atmosphere as some ingredients can be toxic in their raw form. Natural beauty will hopefully become not just the way forward, but they only way as more people realise that they need to start looking after themselves, and our planet, better.

What natural ingredients make up the best skincare for men when it comes to men’s anti-aging skin care?

Unfortunately, there is no magic potion to stop aging. We all wish we could turn back the clock even just a few years, before the grey hairs and wrinkles started to creep in. However, a magic potion like this doesn’t exist, and men and women all have to accept the fact that they are aging. You can, however, do certain things to prolong the inevitable and help reduce the effects of getting older.



What to look for in mens anti ageing skin care?

A lot of aging problems come down to lifestyle; how much sleep you get, the exercise you do, your diet etc. But there are thousands of man-made mens skin care products on the market to also help you reclaim your youth. In fact, there are so many that sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. All of these products claim to stop the clock or turn back time on aging, but which ones should you trust? Well, there are a few ingredients which men especially should look out for when buying mens facial products or mens anti-aging serum.

Creams which are rich in vitamins are a great start. Vitamins are found naturally in a lot of plants, so creams that have natural extracted vitamins from plants in order to get the most out of it are usually really good. The best vitamins to look out for are vitamin A which can lessen the depth of wrinkles by slightly puffing out the skin. And vitamin C which has a brightening effect, boosting collagen production and circulation helping to fight wrinkles.

CoQ10 is another great ingredient. It is found naturally in our bodies until roughly the age of 30 – which is what helps us stay young until that point! A lot of men’s anti-aging products contain CoQ10 as it fights off the free radicals which are the things that do damage to our skin. Free radicals break open cells in our body, and are caused by our genes, the environment and our lifestyle such as diet, smoking and drinking.


Salicylic acid can be manufactured in labs but is also found in leaves of certain plants like wintergreen and willow bark. A lot of experts agree that it is as beneficial as natural ingredients without being irritating, which can often highlight the aging process rather than covering it up. Nutri Ceramide is found in the outer layers of skin and help keep the skin firm and blemish free. This disappears as we age, leaving us with more marks and blemishes on the skin and why you may hear a lot of the older generation talk about how their skin has lost its elasticity. Well, this is true and it’s thanks to Nutri Ceramide that keep our skin firm and tight – reducing the effect of aging. Men’s anti-aging creams with these kinds of ingredients are perfect anti ageing elixir for fighting the good fight against aging and can absolutely step up your mens skincare routine, as are creams which are high in vitamin contents.

It’s safe to say natural and organic skin care ingredients are almost always better than manufactured ingredients, as they come from nature and aren’t played around with in labs when preservatives are added.