Exfoliate and condition your skin all at once with Hunter Lab’s brand new Mens Exfoliator – Pinot Grape Skin Body Scrub

Our skin suffers through a lot, right? Especially men who tend not to look after their skin as much as women. It is incredibly important for men to look after their skin just as much as any woman these days, which motivated Hunter Lab to create the Pinot Grape Skin Body Scrub in the mens skin care range.

Moisturise by adding a good body scrub to your mens body care

Scrubbing or exfoliating our skin is such an essential part of a good skincare routine. Exfoliating gets rid of any dead skin cells, leaving you with fresh glowing skin underneath. Scrubbing the skin also encourages the body to produce more collagen – essential for keeping skin looking young and healthy. A build-up of dead skin cells will stop any moisturiser reaching below the dermis – which is where you need it. So if you’re moisturising a lot but still suffer from dry or flaky skin, it may be time for you to start using a body scrub in your mens body care routine.

Always go for the most natural mens exfoliator

Hunter Lab’s Pinot Grape Skin Body Scrub is a natural mens exfoliator containing all natural ingredients. It’s made from grape skins which are highly rich in antioxidants, wattle seeds which also have antioxidant properties. Brown sugar which helps act as a natural exfoliator and get rid of dead skin cells also helps smooth the skin and leave it radiant and glowing. Having natural ingredients is far better for your skin than manufactured ingredients as each product is made with only the best things found in nature. This means that you’re not putting any chemicals or products that you’re unsure of into or onto your body, and you’re actually being incredibly green! Using all natural products is much better for the environment as you’re reducing the amount of toxic waste being produced by man-made products.


Not only is it an excellent exfoliator and skin care for men, the Pinot Grape Skin Body Scrub also acts as a conditioner and moisturiser. It contains grapeseed, coconut and avocado oils which hydrate the skin, putting back in all the moisture that you may lose during the exfoliation process. These ingredients are known for their hydrating properties and they are all extremely rich in minerals and vitamins. Vitamins and minerals are really good for the skin as it replaces natural vitamins and minerals that you lose in day to day activities. Replacing these ingredients will help keep your skin looking fresh, clean and glowing and can actually help promote the body to product more of its own minerals and vitamins, leaving you with healthy skin for a lot longer.

Not only do Hunter Lab sell this amazing body scrub, but they also offer it in a mens skin care gifts sets – perfect for any man in your life who could use a fresh start in the skincare department. The Pinot Grape Skin Body Scrub has a wonderful scent of grapes, rosemary and grapefruit, leaving you smelling fruity and fresh but not too overpowering.

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